Antique Jewelry. Ancient Antiquity Roman Solid Pure Gold Ring with intaglio of the Roman Sun God "Sol". Circa 2nd century AD.

Sol, the solar deity in Roman religion was the name of two distinct sun gods. The original Sol, or Sol Indiges, had a shrine on the Quirinal and another shrine, together with Luna, the moon goddess, in the Circus Maximus.  But he was thought to be unimportant and he disappeared in an early period. The worship of Sol resumed in an entirely different character with the importation of various sun cults from Syria and the Syrian Sol Invictus, the Roman poets equated him with the Greek sun god Helios.

This is your chance to own a completely unique piece of Roman history, of Earths history.

Measuring US 5 and UK J and weighing 2.02 grams.

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Roman Sun God Sol Gold Ring

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