Extremely rare Roman pure gold bead and veined agate necklace.  Has been put on modern day string and modern day 18 carat clasp and safety chain added..  Circa 4th century AD .

This was found on a Roman settlement site in Eastern Europe and is museum quality. 

Would have been owned by someone of extreme high status and will perfectly adorn your loved one's neck today as it did 2,000 years ago. Give the most unique present that one can give today -  a piece of Roman history!  Ancient Art is an investment. Unlike modern products, this piece's history is exclusive. All ancient and Roman artefacts are handmade and each one has its own spirit and beauty. The number of Ancient objects is essentially infinite, so their value is likely to increase in the future. The attractive appearance, the rarity, the small size, and high commercial value make ancient objects a preferred and secure investment opportunity. In our store you will find a variety of items suitable for collectors and investors alike.

Measures 62cm length

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Roman Necklace in Pure Gold and Agate Beads Very Rare

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