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Antiquities Giftshop is located in UK and Spain. We source our jewellery from all over the world and we also ship worldwide. We have been established for over 22 years in the Antiquities field, specialising in ancient jewellery and artefacts. We offer a no quibble full money back guarantee of authenticity with every item.


Welcome to our Customers´ Comments page. This shows genuine emails from as far back as 2004, which was when we first decided to print these emails. We had been trading online for another 8 years prior to this. We are a reputable long established company with many satisfied customers who return again and again to purchase from our site.

From: xxxxxxx@aol.co.uk Date: 16/04/2016 21:52:01 Subject: Delivery of ring Dear Deborah, Just to say I received the Celtic Sun God Bel bronze ring this morning (16/4) and that I am very pleased with it. I collect Roman and Celtic antiquities but this is the first time I have bought something specifically to wear. It fits my index finger perfectly and I am looking forward to receiving the other ring. Also like the clear presentation case. Many thanks, Luke Neale. (UK)

From: Backscatter:: Jim (USA) Date: 08/03/2016 03:40:11 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: order 2223 Hi Deborah, I received the ring today. Many thanks. My wife is going to love this for her birthday. Jim
From: Jean Yves GUEGUEN (France) Date: 01/12/2015 11:43:30 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Ring Uncleaned Hello Deborah, Well received the ring today. she is beautiful and I like it. Are there any special precautions to wear the ring because it is not cleaned? (it should avoid washing their hands with soap, he must avoid salt water (beach, etc. ..), etc... Thank you again for your efficiency and your kindness! A Bientot can be to purchase a 3rd ring. Good luck. Regards Jean-yves
From: annavallis@ (USA) Date: 13/07/2012 23:05:02 To: info@antiquitiesgiftshop.com Subject: Enquiry from the website of Antiquities Giftshop Name Annamarie Vallis Enquiry I recently purchased one of your ladies' Roman Ceres ring in silver and absolutely love it! I wonder just how durable the silver is––can it survive frequent wear?––and if it is possible to further clean the underside of the ring (it looks fairly corroded). Is there anything else I should know in terms of its care? Thank you very much for any information and thank you for having such wonderful items available to buy! I'm a university lecturer specializing in ancient Roman history and I can honestly say I've never been so honored to wear a ring!
From: Michael Hafran (USA) Date: 12/06/2012 23:42:16 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Enquiry from the website of Antiquities Giftshop Deborah, Confirmed. My father called me early this morning and I just picked it up after work. Absolutely fantastic! Very happy with the piece. And thank you for the extra coins. Sorry for my worry before-- I guess I was simply anticipating faster movement through the postal service. Seems your Royal system did just fine-- little slow on the Yankee side. Take care and I hope to do more business with you in the future. Respectfully, Michael
From: Tim M'Intyre (Australia) Date: 05/03/2012 19:19:47 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Website Enquiry Hi Deborah, I received the items today, and am absolutely delighted! I also appreciate the Certificates of Authenticity you sent with them. Thanks! Regards, Tim M'Intyre
From: Mr. Gueguen (France) Date: 20/02/2012 09:55:51 Further Information : Hello, have well received your email, and I thank you .... Sorry in case my emails have shocked you, but I had just read several articles on the internet or we talked about many counterfeits of Roman ring on the internet! I realize this is that your site is serious, and the goods you sell are authentic! I find your beautiful ring, and I intend to keep it preciously. Excuse me again to have been taken of doubts, and I wish you all the best. Thank you again. Mr. Gueguen.
From: Rob Hill (Australia) Date: 10/01/2012 08:16:33 To: 'Antiquities Giftshop' Subject: RE: Website Enquiry Hi Deborah, Thank you for your prompt reply and suggestions. I contacted the Australian Post Office people this morning and they were able to tell me that the parcel had arrived at our local post office early today. They were unable to tell me why the tracking process did not work for us in Australia. Anyway, I must thank you again because the parcel has just arrived in perfect condition and my wife is very happy with her gift, which is most apt because of ancestral gene links with the Scythians. I appreciate all of your help and look forward to monitoring your website in the future. Kindest Regards Rob Hill
From: Sally Bamberg (France) Date: 07/01/2012 10:34:00 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Roman bronze pendant Dear Debora - many thanks for the pendant, which arrived this morning, and is exactly what I was hoping for! Yours, Sally Bamberg.
From: Linda Eglington (UK) Date: 01/10/2011 10:55:29 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Your order 110926-101611-2923 has been despatched Hi Just to let you know that the ring arrived safely yesterday (Friday 30th Sept). The ring is truly beautiful, and my Husband is going to be thrilled with it. I've bought it for his 50th birthday. Many thanks for such good service. Regards, Linda Eglington
From: ********@aol.com (Germany) Date: 11/08/2011 19:16:24 To: info@antiquitiesgiftshop.com Subject: Re: My Contact Form Dear Deborah, The ring arrived here today...again...thank you so much! You are the absolute BEST!! dan
From: Yahoo (UK) Date: 16/07/2011 19:43:34 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Your order 110711-104013-9132 has been despatched Hi I received the order today, as promised, and just as described. It's a lovely ring and she was thrilled to receive it. Thanks so much! Lisa
From: giovanni marengo (Italy) Date: 01/07/2011 12:28:04 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Your order 110622-183040-9004 has been despatched two gifts already arrived very nice congratulation for delivery speed. soon for another order marengo giovanni
From: Ian Patrick Date: 05/21/11 03:28:33 To: antiquitiesgiftshop.com Subject: Hello Deborah Deborah, I bought a ring from you about a year ago, it was a gold Roman Ring with a red stone/glass, similar to the black one you currently have listed. (See attached picture of our ring) We are really pleased with the ring, the quality, and your service. I say our ring because it was the one I used to propose to my girlfriend. We are getting married this July, and while I meant to do this some time ago, I would greatly appreciate any more information you have on the ring. Where it came from or was found, how it was dated, and any other information you may have. I have also attached the listing of the item from your website to help with your search. Please feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks in advance. Ian Patrick, United States
From: Laura Doyle (Canada) Date: 12/10/10 06:17:52 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Your order 101129-200924-1660 has been despatched Dear Deborah, My purchase arrived today, well within the estimated delivery time (international, no less). I can't believe I am saying this, but the ring is even more impressive than the pictures lead me to believe. This will be a gift for someone else, and as such I am not sure what they will think...but for my part, I must say I am very pleased with the quality of this ring and your company's prompt service. The bit of history is a nice addition, too. Many thanks, Laura
From: Tom Goff Date: 30/09/2010 03:20:18 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Your order 100917-114805-2516 has been despatched Thanks. The ring arrived yesterday. I am very happy with the product and your service. I was delighted with the condition and wearability of such an old ring. Thanks Tom.
From: Philip Shaw Date: 18/08/2010 13:58:20 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: RE: Your order 100722-133141-6381 has been despatched Hi there Just to let you know that I received the pendant in perfect condition. It’s a great gift, very unusual and exactly as described. Kind regards Phil
From: Evert Joosse Date: 09/08/2010 17:26:22 To: info@antiquitiesgiftshop.com Subject: RE: My Contact Form Dear Deborah, thank you very much once again. I fully understand that this information is impossible to obtain. I would however like to let you know that I appreciate the information you have passed on, and I am extremely satisfied with both your company and the service you have provided. Thanks to you I was able to give my wife a gift that she will cherish for the rest of her life. And for that opportunity, I can not thank you enough. Kind regards, Evert
From: tnpollio@******.net (USA) Date: 29/05/2010 15:28:07 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Your order 100520-123732-5348 has been despatched Sir or Madam (Deborah?): My ring arrived promptly and in impeccable condition. I will certainly recommend your services to one and all! Gaius Asinius Pollio (aka Tom)
From: Sue Darling Date: 08/05/10 17:17:10 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Your order 100504-134222-1448 has been despatched Hello, Just love my ring, it fits great and I really like the fact that its so old thanx for such quick delivery Sue Darling
From: Trish Eve (UK) Date: 06/03/2010 14:00:29 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: RE: Order ref. 1940 has been despatched Dear Deborah Many thanks for your prompt service. The ring arrived yesterday by post and I am delighted with my purchase and only hope the person for whom it is intended will think likewise on his birthday! I will certainly take an interest in your website in the future, so kindly keep me updated with latest additions, especially jewellery by e-mail. Many thanks again. Kind regards Trish
From: Elisabeth Birtwistle (UK) Date: 26/10/2009 06:24:29 To: info@antiquitiesgiftshop.com; Subject: Thankyou Dear Sir/ Madam My friend and I recently bought a brooch from your company. I just wanted to say thank you and for other customers to know that this is a good and reliable site to shop on and that we will be using it again definitely, the service was fast and it arrived exactly as specified, Kind regards Liz and Phil
From: Julia Graham Date: 16/05/2009 12:08:18 To: info@antiquitiesgiftshop.com S ubject: Re: Order no: 090513-134057-9525 Thank you very much - I received the ring today and it is perfect :-) All the best, Julia Graham
On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 2:22 AM, Yvette Griva wrote: Thank you very much for your timely reply. We received the ring today and it is beautiful. The picture does not do it justice. We are very excited to receive the ring, and will give it all the respect it so deserves. What a wonderful opportunity to share something once obviously so valued centuries later. Thank you, once again..... Yvette Griva (USA and Portugal)
From: Nathan Troy (Australia) Date: 24/12/2008 04:07:52 To: 'Antiquities Giftshop' Subject: RE: Order ref. 1763 Hi Deborah, I had my purchase turn up here today thank you very much. Im very happy with the item and really appreciate the prompt service you have been able to supply. Arrived in a lot less time than anticipated and the day before Christmas to top it off. I am sure I will be looking to purchase more items from your company in the future. Thanks Again. Merry Christmas! Regards, Nathan Troy
From: Christopher Tuthill (USA) Date: 23/12/2008 00:17:57 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Order ref. 1443 Hi Deborah, I got this more than a week ago and it's beautiful, thanks. I was wondering if you knew what time period it came from, or what area, so I could tell my wife. If you have that information it would be great. Thanks again for the ring, Chris Tuthill
From: Donald Paterson (Scotland) Date: 19/12/2008 18:59:43 To: Antiquties Giftshop Subject: RE: Order ref. 1898 Dear Deborah The ring arrived yesterday - very many thanks. It is absolutely exquisite, and I am sure it will be well received - we will provide feedback after Christmas to let you know. Also many thanks for the 2 pictures and the note - I have indeed, as you suggest, printed this off so we can hand it over (afterwards I think). One again, very many thanks. Yours Donald
From: Christopher.brown (New Zealand) Date: 29/10/2008 07:57:36 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Orders ref. 1882 and 1881 Hi Deborah Just to confirm receipt of my order yesterday. Once again the rings are exactly as expected, they are fantastic, thanks. Cheers Chris
From: Nicola Roach Date: 20/06/2008 16:37:57 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Order ref. 1822 Dear Deborah, The ring arrived safely yesterday, thank you very much for ensuring it arrived on time and for your excellent service, It is a beautiful item and I'm sure my boyfriend will be very pleased with it on his birthday. Kind Regards Nicola
From: christopher.brown@ (New Zealand) Date: 25/04/2008 00:11:50 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Orders ref. 1836 and 1833 Dear Deborah Orders ref. 1836 and 1833, for your information they took 17 days to arrive. The two celtic bronze rings I ordered arrived yesterday and they are fantastic, just as expected. We are now researching the areas and times in which they were made and originally worn. It is amazing to think that we are wearing rings that are 2,000 years old. You feel as though you are part of history unfolding and wonder if they will still be around 2,000 years from now. Many thanks Chris
From: Mark Williamson Date: 10/04/2008 07:04:57 To: 'Antiquities Giftshop' Subject: RE: Email from Website Hi Deborah I have received both the rings thank you, they are in very good condition and I am very happy with them and thank you also for your prompt communication responses and quick delivery to Australia Regards Mark
From: gtsaul@xxxxxxx.co.uk Date: 10/04/2008 14:09:25 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Order ref 1828 Dear Deborah, Just to say that my new order has just arrived and I am delighted with it...... With kind regards, Gladyse SAUL
From: Paul Marshall Date: 15/03/2008 20:06:55 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Order ref. 1842 Dear Deborah We have today received the ring and are delighted. The ring fits my husband perfectly and he is enjoying wearing a piece of history! Your service was prompt and hassle free. Thanks so much Regards Paul and Suzanne Marshall
From: Korey Simeone Date: 15/03/2008 04:55:09 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Order Ref. 1844 Dear Deborah, Thank you for the ring. It's beautiful. Sincerely, Korey Simeone
<i>From</i>: Ivonne <i>Date:</i> 22/12/2006 22:37:30 <i>To:</i> antiquites <i>Subject:</i> Re: Order ref. 1519 Dear Mrs. Baker, I'd like to confirm briefly receipt of the item mentioned below. As well as the medieval signet ring I ordered some weeks ago, this Byzantine ring is a very beautiful piece of art- having survived so many centuries in a surprisingly good condition. I'm also very satisfied with order and delivery of both pieces, everything went smoothly and I received them just a few days after my order without any hassle. Yours sincerely Ivonne S****
<i>From:</i> L@aol.com <i>Date:</i> 30/11/2006 12:26:34 <i>To:</i> antiquities <i>Subject:</i> Re: Order Ref. 1748 Dear Deborah Just wanted to let you know that the ring came on time and it's beautiful - Mark loves it. It's hard to believe it's so old - it looks like something you could buy today. The service from you was great. Best wishes. Sharron
From: H@aol.com Date: 05/17/06 20:44:28 To: antiquities Subject: My ancient ring! Dear Deborah, I received my ring in the mail this morning and it is nothing shy of amazing. The ring is beautiful, even better than I expected. I keep looking at it, and wondering who made it, and who wore it before me....so many years ago. This ring is my own personal treasure..and I have you to thank for it deborah. Thanks for answering all my questions, and for the quick delivery. Look for me in the future! Thanks, Adam Fields
From: captmiker@xxxxxx - Date: 03/02/06 02:37:28 To: <a title="mailto:antiquities:" href="mailto:antiquities:">antiquities:</a> Subject: Roman Bronze Mariner's Ring Dear Deborah, I received my Mariner's ring and I'm very pleased with my purchase. It is even better than the pictures! Thanks, Mike
<i>From:</i> Steve Cole - UK <i>Date:</i> 02/27/06 18:21:58 <i>To:</i>Antiquities Giftshop <i> Subject:</i> Re: Order ref,. 1455 Hi Deb, The ring is brilliant, thank you very much. Always looking on your site for future purchases! Thanks, Steve.
<i>From:</i>scruzjp@xxxxxxxx - USA <i>Date:</i> 02/22/06 10:57:10 <i>To:</i> Antiquities Giftshop <i>Subject:</i> Re: Order ref. 1275 Dear Deborah, I've just received the ring, and I am VERY happy with it! Thanks, Jason
<i>From:</i> J Moskel - USA <i>Date:</i> 02/13/06 14:41:02 <i>To:</i> <a title="mailto:antiquities" href="mailto:antiquities">antiquities</a><i> Subject:</i> arrival Dear Deborah, The bunny ring arrived today. It is totally stunning! I can't believe people had the tools to make something so beautiful so long ago. Thanks again. Jerry Moskel Mooresville, NC
<i>From:</i> Vgialias@xxxxxx (USA) <i>Date:</i> 02/05/06 14:43:31<i> To:</i>antiquities<i> Subject:</i> Re: Order ref. 1753 thanks, Deborah, this is very helpful indeed we love our rings and we will be back kind regards, vasilis
From: paul chilton Date: 15/12/2005 13:57:01 To: <a title="mailto:antiquities" href="mailto:antiquities">antiquities</a> Subject: RE: Fw: RE: Order ref 1757 Hi Deborah, I have collected it from the depot, thanks for the update and your assistance with my enquiries it's been much appreciated. It's a very nice item, thanks again, Paul. - UK
<i>From:</i> Michelle Ward <i>Date:</i> 11/09/05 13:43:34<i> To:</i> <a href="mailto:antiquities">antiquities</a><i> Subject:</i> ref-1736 Dear Deborah, Just to let you know I have received my gold roman ring and I think it is really nice I feel very excited and lucky to own this beautiful piece of jewellery. Thank you for the quick service as usual, anyone reading this who hasn't ordered before from you,I have always been happy with this company and always look on this site for new items regularly. Can you tell me anything about this ring, eg what KT ? because it is such a lovely rich yellow colour, where was it found eg, villa site, town, grave goods, on it's own, or what area of the Balkans? Any info would be much appreciated as it is such a lovely delicate thing it would be nice to have any background. It is such an old piece of jewelery but I am wearing it at the moment and I think it's great that after all this time it is still been used for what it was intended when new. Any tips on looking after such a piece of ancient jewellery would help as well.Once again thanks, I look forward to hearing from you... Best Wishes Michelle Ward - UK PS, I am happy for you to use this e-mail on your web site.
<i>From:</i> Severin Alexander <i>Date:</i> 25/10/2005 11:31:38 <i>To:</i> Antiquities Giftshop<i> Subject:</i> RE: Order ref. 1738 Dear Deborah Many thanks: ring arrived safely this morning and is a delight. Regards Severin
<i>Date:</i> 09/20/05 03:40:42 <i>To:</i> <a title="mailto:antiquities" href="mailto:antiquities">antiquities</a> <i>Subject:</i> the golden earring... Greetings, Deborah... Many thanks for the excellent service and the beautiful results. My order was received promptly, and the purchase not a dissapointment! What a rustic, beautiful thing...provoking to the imagination....all that history in one tiny item. i look forward to working with you in the future and would like to know if you ever obtain Celtic neck and/or arm torques from the northern area of France or the British Isles. I am also interested in authentic Viking relics from Denmark, Norway, Sweden. I wore the earring to a music gig I played at my restaurant and it made quite an impression. Thanks again, Lisa Bower - USA
<i>From:</i> Rose NcNeive - Ireland <i>Date:</i> 08/22/05 15:48:55 <i>To:</i> Antiquities Giftshop <i>Subject:</i> Order 005020 ref. 1264 Hi. Just letting you know I got the above this morning. Very happy with it. I'd be interested to know exactly what part of eastern europe &amp; what type of 'site' it was found at but if you don't know , you don't know. Thanks a lot. Nick
From: LindaRouleau - USA Date: 07/26/05 05:13:37 To: antiquities Subject: Re: Order 004093 ref 1577 1323 Hello Deborah, I just wanted to write to thank you for the excellent service and quality items. I had bought the three rings for my boyfriend and he is thrilled with them. He asked if there would be any way to find out which Eastern European country they were found in. Any information you have concerning their origins would be much appreciated. Thanking you in advance. Best Regards, Linda Rouleau
From: Michelle Ward - UK Date: 06/21/05 15:47:13 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: ref 4107 Hi Deborah, Thank you for sorting out my order I did receive it just as you said, and I am very pleased with the cross. It is a beautiful item and I will buy from you again. Thanks again Michelle
From: hc.asanchez - Spain Date: 06/14/05 18:46:25 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: RE: Order 005017 ref 1680 Dear Deborah: Yesterday I received the ring, it,s great, it,s just amazing to have something that was handcrafted 2000 years ago, it,s something like an eye in the past and the first thing it comes into my head is how many people did own this ring before me and how many will own it after me, an how their lifes were different than mine. Another time, thank you for your speed Thank you. I,m pretty sure that if you keep having such nice rings you,ll hear from me again. Best regards Angel
-------Original Message------- From: Angel Sanchez - Spain Date: 06/08/05 09:05:41 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: many thanks Yesterday I received the byzantine ring, I was quite amazed because you told me you shipped it Monday morning, and I received it Tuesday noon, I liked it very much, it,s a gorgeus little piece of history. I,ll check often your web for new items to add to my collection (I still lack a I century silver roman ring), and I will like to thank you your fast service and your constant care for the customer. Keep it doing like this. Thank you very much. Angel Sanchez Spain
From: Michelle Ward - UK Date: 05/03/05 21:32:40 To: antiquities Subject: Thank you Just a quick mail to let you know that I have received my Roman ring today order no 001223 ref 1644 and that I am very pleased with it and with the quick delivery. I will be happy to buy from you again, you have some lovely interesting items on your site. From Michelle Ward
From: Sinclair, Rob - Scotland Date: 03/01/05 10:01:51 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: RE: Order 001207 ref. 3012 Dear Deborah Thanks, brooch arrived Monday and will see service as a kilt pin. Nice to know it will be used again after all that time!
From: Phill Fletcher - &gt; Date: 25th February 05 10:57:48 &gt; To: antiquities &gt; Subject: Just an idea &gt; Whilst browsing your site which great and you have some lovely things I &gt; noticed that as I browsed each page of eg rings i had to scroll back to the &gt; top of the page in order to click on the next page. It may be nice if the &gt; page numbers 1_2_3_4 etc were at the bottom to make it a little easier &gt; Thanks again for a great site. &gt; Phill Fletcher
From: Severin Alexander - UK Date: 23rd December 04 13:08:23 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: RE: Order 001200 ref 1455 Dear Deborah Order 001200 ref 1455 The ring has finally arrived and I am delighted with it - in fact with everything but the usual performance of the Royal Mail ... Many thanks for your excellent service and I shall be back with a new order after Christmas I have no doubt! A very happy Christmas to you and yours Severin
From: kev buttell - UK Date: 23rd December 04 11:48:25 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Order 001196 ref 4086 Deborah, The lamp has arrived all safe and well. Once again a lovely item and a very satisfied customer. Many thanks Kevin
From: SUPPORT SCOTT - UK Date: 13th December 04 09:27:08 To: antiquities Subject: purchase Dear Deborah, Thank you for your swift reply. The details all sound fine. I would also like to say that your website has some truly beautiful antique jewellery and is one of the easiest sites from which I have tried to purchase archaeological finds. Merry Christmas, Michelle Scott.
From: The Three Graces - USA Date: 11th December 04 23:54:53 To: antiquities Subject: Wolf Pendant I received the wolf pendant and I am very pleased. Thank you and I look forward to your email updates. Regards, Lisa
From: kev buttell - UK Date: 4th December 04 17:37:19 To: antiquities Deborah, I would like to thank you for the service you have provided and the quality of the ring supplied. I am delighted with the piece and will most definitely recommend you as a company to do business with. I look forward to your new additions and wish you and yours all the best for Christmas and the New Year Kindest Regards Kevin Buttell
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2004 17:36:30 +0100 (Romance Standard Time) - USA &gt;Thats lovely, thank you very much for your time it is greatly appreciated. I have bought the ring as a Christmas gift for my mother and I am sure that she will be absolutely delighted with it. Thankyou once again, yours sincerely Gemma Bxxxxx.
From: Kati Karvonen Smith - UK Date: 2nd November 04 10:07:37 To: Antiquities Giftshop Subject: Re: Order 001183 ref 1623 Dear Deborah, My ring arrived yesterday from Spain. It is absolutely beautiful and matches the description perfectly. Thank you very much for the great service! Kind regards, Kati Karvonen-Smith
From: Joe Sxxxxx - USA Date: 24th October 04 20:37:29 To: antiquities Subject: Pentacles Hello, We've ordered from you before and have been very satisfied (ordered a Roman eye ring). I'm wondering if you have any antique piece with a pentacle impression? There was one on your site a few weeks ago, which I think was sold. Thank you for your help. Joel Sxxxxx
From: alex - UK Date: 12th October 04 20:01:33 To: antiquities Subject: F.A.O Deborah Baker ** Many thanks ** Deborah, Just to say many thanks for such excellent lightening speed delivery of order # 001174 , I am delighted with my buy,and the swift efficient way my order was handled. I'm certain to be back to buy. Thanks again, Alex Tear
From: Maiko Nxxx - USA Date: 9th October 04 00:37:06 To: antiquities Subject: THANKS I GOT IT: Order 004050 ref. 4048 Dear Deborah, I received the package. Thank you very much! It is a beautiful bracelet. I love it. And I'm sorry that I bothered you a couple times. Once I lost a valuable package, so I just wanted to be cautiious. I'll keep checking your website, thank you! Maiko
From: Dave Sxxxxxxxxx - UK Date: 12th September 04 13:34:41 To: antiquitiesgiftshop Subject: Re: Order 001168 ref 1420 Dear Deborah, Sorry for the delay in acknowledging delivery my order. I am very happy with it and will keep a close eye on your site for possible future purchases. The bronze ring will be a present to my daughter who studied medieval history and Latin at university. I have wanted to give her something from the period for a long time and the ring fits the bill nicely. Regards Dave Sxxxxxxxxx
From: jeanette mxxxx - UK Date: 2nd September 04 18:38:58 To: antiquities Subject: Re: Order 001167 ref. 1596 Dear Debbie, The ring arrived yesterday morning and I am thrilled with it, it is absolutely perfect! Many thanks for all your help, Best wishes Jeanette
From: Eleanor Nxxxxx - USA Date: 9th August 04 21:46:35 To: antiquitiesgiftshop Subject: Re: Order Number 004047 (Gold Ring) I totally understand and will appreciate your processing the order as quickly as possible to get things underway. I can already tell by your courtesy that it is going to be a pleasure doing business with you, and I look forward to contacts in the future. Ellie Norton
From: Nicholas Wxxxxxxxx - UK Date: 3rd July 04 11:53:44 To: antiquitiesgiftshop Subject: Re: Funnel rings Dear Deborah, Yet again your services are impressive! Many thanks for the pointer. It would be nice to be able to explain the details about the ring, rather than to just say " Bought it off the internet: It's old an all" !!! I wish you and your company well. Keep up the good service. With kindest regards and thanks. Nick
From: Sian Nxxxxx - UK Date: 2nd July 04 16:11:16 To: antiquitiesgiftshop Subject: RE: Another question - Medieval Brooch 3024 Deborah, Thank you so much for that – it certainly does help! Wonderful website by the way – I had a fantastic time looking through it at all your gorgeous treasures. It must be amazing to have so many of these incredible bits of history pass through your hands. I’m rather jealous! Kind regards, Sian
From: Christina Bxxxx - USA Date: 21st June 04 20:43:05 To: antiquities Subject: Re: Order 004038 ref 1604 Hi Deborah, Just to let you know that the little gold wedding ring arrived safely in Seattle today. I was a little nervous about it getting lost. It is nicer than the picture showed, and will be the star piece in my collection. thanks again, Christina in Seattle
Dear Deborah, - USA Panic over.I should have been just a little more patient, sorry. The order has now arrived and is very much appreciated, thankyou. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Regards, Chris Carnelley
From: SCJP - USA Date: 11th June 04 07:12:21 To: antiquitiesgiftshop Subject: Re: Fwd: Thank you, you've paid Dear Deborah, Thank you for your prompt response. I received the ring today and am very pleased with it. I hope to shop with your organization in the future. This ring was purchased as a gift, and now I want one! Best regards, Jason
Hi Deborah, - USA That's terrific! Thanks for the excellent service.............as Arnie said................I'll be back! Lance
From: Jessica Date: 19 March 2004 04:19:53 To: info@thehonourablecompany.com Subject: It Came. Hello, My ring came today. It is beautiful. Thank You, I will be back. Jessica.
Dear Deborah Thanks so much for that helpful advice. It's nice of you to take the time to e.mail me so quickly and I'm very grateful. I look forward to seeing more items on your site. I am looking for a special gold or silver ring for myself so I look forward to any future updates. I am on your emailing list so Im sure Ill hear from you. Best wishes Tony