Silver Roman Ring Authentic Ancient with Intaglio III or VI, X and M.   Circa 1st to 3rd Century AD. From Eastern Europe.

The engraving on the bezel of this ring is very interesting.  Obviously intended to be read and 3 separate numbers.  The first one is either III (three) or VI (six), the second X (ten) and the third M (thousand).  If the X were immediately in front of the M it would be 990.  However, because it is not possible to have III or VI before X and because the M is on a separate row, it can be safely assumed that the engraver meant them to be read individually.  What could 3 or 6, 10 and 1000 mean?  Intriguing.

This is a very sturdy solid ring which is perfectly wearable.  Professionally cleaned.

Weight heavy 8.62 grams. 

US Size 7 1/2 - UK Size P - internal diameter 17.75mm

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Ancient Roman Silver Ring with Monogram

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