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Welcome to Antiquities Giftshop! We specialise in ancient antique jewellery and artefacts from the Roman, Medieval, Celtic, Saxon and Viking periods. We have an extensive range of bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, brooches, bangles and rings. Our ancient antique jewelry includes both valuable pieces of gold and silver and those set with gems, as well as more modest items made of bronze and copper. Some types of jewellery were functional as well as decorative, such as brooches designed to secure clothing..

Our jewellery and artefacts are replenished regularly so please feel free to keep checking back to see what is new on our site. We are also always happy to try to locate a specific piece for you so if you have got something in mind but you can’t find it on the site please email us.

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The ancient Romans were extremely keen on bangles and made wonderful use of gem stones like diamonds, amber, sapphires and emeralds in their pieces.


Even though the majority of Roman males wore one ring on a finger, on the other hand, there were several who donned far more, the females typically wore a good many more pieces of jewellery compared to the men.


Roman, mediaeval, celtic, saxon etc in gold, silver or bronze.

Gold Jewellery

Various methods of production such as casting, inlaying, filigree and granulation were used in the manufacture of ancient jewellery, and some precious and semi-precious stones were very popular at the time. Garnets, rubies, cornelians, pearls and emeralds featured prominently in work from this period.

Kind words from clients

" I would however like to let you know that I appreciate the information you have passed on, and I am extremely satisfied with both your company and the service you have provided. Thanks to you I was able to give my wife a gift that she will cherish for the rest of her life. And for that opportunity, I can not thank you enough. Kind regards"

Evert, UK

Certificate of Authenticity with Every Item

Antiquities Giftshop is located in UK and Spain. We source our jewellery from all over the world and we also ship worldwide.

We have been established for over 25 years in the Antiquities field, specialising in ancient jewellery and artefacts. We offer a no quibble full money back guarantee of authenticity with every item.

Be assured that the website is completely up to date so you can be confident that the piece you choose will be available to post immediately.

Each piece comes in its own gift box and a certificate of authenticity and full money back, no hassle, guarantee. You can reserve an item of jewellery for up to 28 days with a small deposit.


  • We do not repair, restore, resize, reproduce or change our ancient jewelry in any way whatsoever.
  • However, we do professionally clean many of the items we sell.
  • We gently clean these authentic antiquities so you can enjoy and wear them as when they were first made.

  • The cleaning process is gentle. You will still see the scratches, dents, nicks etc that each piece has uniquely obtained in its history. It is the story of each piece. It is its life history.
  • If we think an item of ancient jewellery or an antiquity cannot be cleaned without damaging it, then we simply do not attempt to do so.

  • We show many of the pieces with their patina before cleaning, so you can see their true authenticity. You can see the BEFORE cleaning pictures with each item.
  • We get great delight and it is our passion to bring this ancient jewellery back to life and to bring online jewellery to your doorstep.

  • Some pieces still have enamel or gilt remaining on the surface. We sell these in their original state without cleaning which would undoubtedly damage the item.
  • We know collectors require their authentic ancient jewellery uncleaned, and that this has been the norm, so we do have some items of ancient jewelry with their patina. But we also know that many customers want to be able to wear these historic pieces in their original lustre.