The Significance Of The Celtic Torc

The Significance Of The Celtic Torc

[caption id="attachment_563" align="alignleft" width="90"]Torcs like this one were very popular with the Celts Torcs like this one were very popular with the Celts[/caption] The Celts were a group of nomadic people who travelled Europe and settled in what is now recognised as the United Kingdom. They presented state of art designs in precious jewelry and art that provide a mystic interpretation of the theme of encirclement. Nowhere is this  more evident than in torcs. Some of the more distinct designs of Celtic jewelry design are torcs, which is the name given to the finished ends on open neck bands and bracelets. The dragon head torc is perfect  for a man who likes fashion. Men could likewise gravitate to the thistle torc and the lion's head torc. Whether developed in gold or silver, this is a fantastic way to develop an unique, manly appearance. And although these pieces are ancient, they still have a modern, contemporary feel about them. Another one of the more popular patterns in torcs was the Celtic Knot, and into this the Celtic artisans added spirals, animal motifs, and crosses, weaving these designs into bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, torcs and brooches. All this artwork highlighted the continuing Celtic theme of encirclement and eternity. A torc, then, is a piece of precious jewelry, originally worn by Celtic tribesmen. It's an open ended rigid band and was made in different metals, and embellished to differing degrees of complexity. The torc was a substantial statement of social standing within the tribe or community where the wearer lived. Iron Age peoples also believed that the torc had mystical powers to ward off evil and safeguard the user. Later, in Roman times, it ended up being less of a magical product and more of a  fashion item. The wealthier members of society put on armlets, torcs, and lockets with complex designs. This jewelry has a unique look that is extremely simple yet unforgettable due to its sinuous design. If you are looking for an unusual piece of Celtic jewelry, you might well pick a torc. A Celtic torc neck band is fairly striking, as it's a stiff piece of metal, so it's nothing like a traditional necklace. Like numerous kinds of Celtic precious jewelry, torcs go back a long way in history, and have actually been popular since way back before the time of the Roman Empire. In modern-day times, torcs are still popular, primarily due to the fact that the meeting of dark past and intense future is encapsulated in these stiff bands which encircle the arm or the throat.
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