Authentic Ancient Celtic Druid Pagan Silver with coiled terminals Ring Circa 4th-3rd century BC. This Celtic Ring was found on the territory of Western Ukraine, Khmelnitsky region near the river Dnister. Archaeological review there were a settlement of Celts.

The Celts dominated Mid and Western Europe for a thousand years. But it is only recently that the importance of Celtic influence on the cultural, linguistic and artistic development of Europe. The Celts as an identifiable race or ethnic group have long since disappeared, except in places such as Ireland and the Scottish Highlands. The Celts transmitted their culture orally, never writing down history or facts. This accounts for the extreme lack of knowledge about them prior to their contact with the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome. They were generally well educated, particularly on topics such as religion, philosophy, geography and astronomy. The Romans often employed Celtic tutors for their sons.

Professionally cleaned for you to wear and to bring out your Druid inner self!

Size: 9 3/8  (USA)    -    S 1/2 (UK)     -     19.31mm int. diam

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Ancient Silver Celtic Druid Pagan Ring Over 2,000 Years Old

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