Authentic Ancient Powerful Celtic DRUID Bronze Pendant Talisman Amulet.  circa 400 to 50 BC - the Dark Ages!  Found in Bulgaria.

This is a really impressive and intriguing pendant because it is encompasses the Three Representations Of Druidry: Acorn, Awen, And Stone.

ACORNS: There are three acorns and through each runs an Awen Symbol (Welsh Sword) and the circle at the top of the pendant represents the third element - Stone.

Druid literally can be translated as “oak knowledge” and the oak is a symbol of druidry. Acorns have a deep and rich symbolism in druidry. Oak knowledge (referring to knowledge of growing and harvesting foods organically, foraging and harvesting from the wild) traditionally dealt with the survival of the Celtic people. Oak knowledge can also include knowledge of stories, myths, and spiritual traditions of the ancients.

AWEN, a Welsh word, describes the spark of creative or divine inspiration or illumination. Awen is what sparks an idea and gives it form. The ancient bards drew upon Awen in the process of composing their beautiful stories and music. 

STONES are also central to druidry, we can look back in our tradition’s history to the root of druidry’s inspiration–the ancient druids and their stone structures.

Three, one of the most important numbers in Celtic Mythology.

Professionally cleaned - perfectly wearable with the addition of a chain or leather thong

Weight - 2.00g.

Diameter - 23mm x 22mm

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Druids Bronze Pendant Amulet - The Three Representations

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